10 October 2006

The paranoids are right

Mere possibility of machine error does harm to democracy; paper trails necessary to reassure voters

E.J. Dionne, Jr. - Washington Post

10.10.06 - WASHINGTON -- Sometimes, paranoids are right. And sometimes even when paranoids are wrong, it's worth considering what they're worried about.

I speak here of all who are worried sick that those new, fancy high-tech voting systems can be hacked, fiddled with and otherwise made to record votes that aren't cast, or fail to record votes that are.

I do not pretend to know how large a threat this is. I do know that it's a threat to democracy when so many Americans doubt that their votes will be recorded accurately. And I also know that smart, computer-savvy people out there are concerned about these machines.

[I don't appreciate being called a PARANOID. We haven't been paranoid ... they have been deaf, dumb, and blind. Dixychik]


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