07 October 2006

Foley Helped Bush Disenfranchise Florida Black Voters

Huffington Post

When told about the sex antics of flamed out GOP star Mark Foley, a flushed and indignant President Bush professed shock and disgust to reporters in Stockton, California. Bush's shock and disgust was undoubtedly heartfelt given the magnitude of the sleaze and the mortal election year danger it posed to House Republican leadership, and Republican candidates.

But Bush was anything but indignant six years ago at Foley, and for good reason. Foley played a pivotal role in sealing Bush's much-disputed snatch of the White House. He helped shove thousands of dubious votes into the Bush column in his home district of Palm Beach County, Florida. And he enraged thousands of Democratic leaning black, Jewish, and elderly voters by passionately and publicly defending the manipulation, exclusion, and possible outright fraud of their votes.


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