16 November 2004

More Ohio votes rejected

Mark Williams

COLUMBUS -- Most of the presidential election provisional ballots rejected so far came from people not registered to vote, election officials said on Monday.

Those people typically thought they were registered to vote in another county or another address, officials said.

Other reasons some of the 155,337 ballots were rejected included missing information such as addresses or signatures and people voting in precincts where they do not live.

"Some people thought because they had changed their mailing address at the post office, or had changed their utilities, that they had done everything necessary to be eligible to vote," said Nancy Moore, deputy director of the Belmont County Board of Elections in eastern Ohio. "They still have to change their address at the board of elections. We're not mindreaders."

"They swear up and down they're registered to vote and they're not," said Bill Thompson, deputy elections director in Pike County.


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