16 November 2004

Lawsuit questions 'discovery' of 78,000 absentee votes in Broward

Linda Kleindienst & Sarah Talalay - November 16 2004

Opponents of slot machines at South Florida pari-mutuel venues have filed a lawsuit seeking an official recount of about 78,000 absentee ballots cast in Broward County on Amendment 4 in the Nov. 2 election.

The votes in question were counted late on election night after a glitch was discovered in the computers tallying absentees. About 94 percent of the new votes on Amendment 4 turned out to be "yes" and 6 percent "no" -- an outcome No Casinos officials claim is a "statistical anomaly" that calls the count into question.

"For the lay person, it is a million-to-one chance that this could happen by itself," said state Rep. Randy Johnson, R-Celebration, chairman of the Orlando-based No Casinos. "We'll have experts reflect on that. It's bizarre. It's easy to build the case for a conspiracy."


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