08 October 2008

Steal Back Your Vote

StealBackYourVote.org is a project of the Palast Investigative Fund (a 501c3 non-partisan non-profit educational foundation), Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. With the generous support of voting rights and other organizations and concerned individuals, we are aggressively investigating the hanky-panky Republicans have already road-tested in the primaries, and are prepared to use this November to steal YOUR vote. The good news is, you CAN steal back your vote. Kennedy and Palast are publishing a major expose in a mass-circulation national magazine. The Palast Investigative Team is heading to the Democratic convention to finish a documentary film. And three major cartoonists have teamed up to illustrate the "Steal Back Your Vote" graphic guide that you can download, print and distribute now. Please read the material on this site, make a tax-deductible contribution to the Palast Investigative Fund, download the voter guide, and share this information with your friends and family. To follow Greg Palast's ongoing journalistic work on this and other stories, please visit gregpalast.com For more on attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., see ringoffireradio.com

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