23 October 2008

GOP lawyer refuses to deny private eye visits

Two in ACORN controversy say investigator's visits were intimidating

Gwyneth Doland - 10/23/08

ALBUQUERQUE – Republican Party attorney Pat Rogers refused to say Thursday if a private detective who visited the addresses of two of the 10 Albuquerque voters cited at a news conference last week about voter fraud was working for the GOP.

Project Vote, a nonprofit that works with the community-organizing group ACORN, charged yesterday that the 10 voters are eligible voters and that the visits constitute voter intimidation. The group called on U.S. Attorney Gregory J. Fouratt to investigate.

[...] In its letter to U.S. Attorney Fouratt, Project Vote said the private investigator’s visits constitute a form of “intimidation and suppression” that violates the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

“We request that you conduct an immediate investigation into the attempts by the Republican Party of New Mexico to intimidate minority, first-time voters into not exercising their right to vote,” the letter said.


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