29 August 2008

Uncounted - The Movie

This movie was on Starz movie channel last night. Hopefully, it will be repeated MANY times. Everyone needs to watch the full movie, because the only way we will ever get our election system cleaned up is if enough Americans become aware of the treachery that has occurred, and will continue to occur, so long as the rigged computer voting machines remain in use. Please keep an eye out for this to repeat on cable, and please ask everyone you know who is still unaware of this to watch it and pass on to others. There was a website for the movie, but the site does not appear to be working at the moment. It may just be a glich in their server, or something.

The squawking heads on TV continue to say that Al Gore and John Kerry 'LOST' their elections. They did NOT lose their elections. That is a proven fact, and has been proven many times, including this movie. The only way that John McCain could possibly even begin to stop a massive landslide win by Obama is through these rigged machines. That is why he is so smug and confident that he is going to 'win' ... because he knows that the elections are controlled by republican operatives who control those machines.

It is going to happen again, because nobody would take it seriously for so long that now it's too late to get rid of them before November. Whatever McCain's total vote count is in the end, I guarantee you that he will have gotten a fraction of that total in reality. The only way that Obama can overcome the rigged system is to have such an enormous landslide that they can't rig it enough to stop it.

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