07 November 2006

Common Cause reports e-voting snafus nationwide

Problems with voting machines across the U.S. are being reported to watchdog groups, including significant problems of votes being incorrectly recorded Tuesday.


NBC5 Viewers Report Voting Problems

Used the touch screen voting machine - if this is the new technology, forget it. When I would touch on the candidate of my choice, in several instances the check mark would jump to the other candidate. After finally resolving this I reviewed my choices on the screen ( before seeing a printout ) only to find that six candidate choices had mysteriously changed, so again I went back to correct these "mistakes." Finally, everything looked good so I ran the printout to review my choices only to find that again choices( different ones ) were wrong so I went back and made the changes - imagine my dismay when this happened two more times after that. At last everything was right so I pushed the final button to have my votes cast - or were they??? Sure hope so !


Ken Blackwell Outsources Ohio Election Results to GOP Internet Operatives, Again

The State of Ohio's real-time, streaming election results are first diverted through Chattanooga, TN, to a GOP-only web firm and the servers currently hosting georgewbush.com, as well as other key Republican web sites.


Voting Expert: Widespread Election Fraud Again

But not enough, this time.


Sample Ballots in Pr. George's Misidentify Candidates

"I think it's pretty low that Ehrlich and Steele would print up a fake ballot and bus in unemployed people and exploit them," Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, the Democratic candidate for governor, said this morning as he greeted voters as a polling site in Greenbelt. "It doesn't get much lower than that."


Voting Problems In West Hartford

Twenty-eight votes for the 18th house district race are null because two voting machines listed the wrong candidates for that seat at a Farmington Avenue polling place.


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