13 October 2006


What People Are Saying

"The dishonesty that has marked the election practices of this new century is despicable. For the past 200 years we've improved the voting booth to include all of our citzens. Now that we all have the right to vote,we must ensure that all of our votes are counted. 'Hacked!' is a must-read!"

-- Liz Carpenter - Author, Lecturer, Former Press Secretary, and Chief of Staff to Lady Bird Johnson.

"'Hacked'is a stunning expose of stolen elections and election voting manipulation.It is shocking and alarming.The book by Abbe Waldman DeLozier and Vickie Karp is designed to wake up America.I am sure it will."

-- Helen Thomas - Hearst Newspapers Columnist and author of "The First Lady of the Press"

"You get a receipt when you buy a Slurpee,don't you? Why not when you choose a president? 'HACKED!'cracks open the democracy-in-a-box scam called 'electronic voting'. Can a robot pick a president better than you can? This crew of experts and investigators explains why robo-voting can't be trusted."

-- Greg Palast - BBC investigative reporter,filmmaker,author of "Armed Madhouse", the most important journalist of our time according to Britains'Tribune magazine


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