21 October 2006

FBI Investigating Source of Disks; Diebold Says Elections Safe

October 21, 2006

Olney, MD (AP) - The FBI is investigating the possible theft of two computer disks believed to contain electronic voting software.

The disks were delivered anonymously to the Olney office of Cheryl Kagan, a former Maryland delegate who has questioned the security of electronic voting systems.

A Maryland election official tells The Washington Post that the disks were apparently produced for use by a firm hired by the state to assess the security of Maryland's electronic voting systems.

Labels on the disks indicate they contain the versions of two Diebold programs that powered voting machines in Maryland in 2004.

The program is no longer used in Maryland.

The president of Diebold says the system that will be used in next month's election is safe and tamperproof.


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