05 June 2006

Votejacking 101

Scott Thill - Huffington Post

After breathing in its recent effluvia, I've decided that the labyrinthine mechanism of election grifting deserves its own segment. Well, the truth is that it deserves its own section in the papers or show on the networks, but America will win the World Cup long before that happens. To that end, I'd like to unveil Votejacking 101, a how-to guide for those looking to avoid election destablization. Courtesy of, who else, the Bush administration and its various network of dependents. Of which there are many. We're talking Mormon-sized families. Anyway, first lesson up is a simple one:

[...] Remember, without a functioning voting system, America is just another mafia kept in line by a gripload of bigshots at the top, and innocent bystanders everywhere else.


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