01 March 2006

More Shocking Information Reveals
Georgia Voters Must Be Vigilant

March 1, 2006

"The people of the state of Georgia need to know the truth about the status of our right to vote," declared Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney at a recent press conference on protecting the right to vote. Joined by State Senator Gloria Butler and software expert Roxanne Jekot, the press conference illuminated unfortunate facts concerning the twin issues of ongoing legal action against the State of Georgia protecting the right of organizations to conduct voter registration drives and the Georgia's electronic voting machines that jeopardize fair elections for 2006 and beyond. Attorney Bradley Heard issued a prepared statement supporting the press conference and calling for protections for organizations wanting to conduct voter registration drives according to federal law. Mr. Heard successfully sued the State for its illegal interpretation of voter registration requirements and is in intense negotiations now with the Secretary of State after winning in Court the right for Alpha Phi Alpha to register voters in the state of Georgia according to the National Voter Registration Act.

State Senator Gloria Butler expressed grave concern about the Georgia Secretary of State's vote in favor of enforcing the Voter ID bill, already infamous nationally for being equated with a poll tax. State Senator Butler also expressed her concern about the Secretary of State's decision to approve voter registration regulations that run counter to federal law, the National Voter Registration Act, known as "Motor Voter." Senator Butler said, "It puts Democrats in a bad situation," said Senator Butler. "It took us back ten years, 20 years, rather than taking us forward."


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