02 March 2006

Another Republican Lobbyist to be Indicted

Mike Gehrke - March 2, 2006

This evening WMUR reported that federal prosecutors involved in the case stemming from Republicans who got caught trying to stop people from voting in the election that resulted in John Sununu going to the U.S. Senate will announce a fourth indictment. According to WMUR:

We're not sure who's going to be the next to appear here at federal court, but previous trials do give us one clear indication. According to those who've already confessed their involvement,

Washington lobbyist Darrell Henry knew exactly what was happening the day the phones were jammed in 2002.

According to McGee, after the jams were halted, he told Henry, who was in New Hampshire, volunteering his time in the Senate race between John Sununu and Jeanne Shaheen. McGee claims Henry already knew about the plot, and and offered to call some volunteers and pick up where the party left off. We were unable to locate Mr. Henry for comment.

Henry, the vice president for public affairs at the American Gas Association, took a leave of absence from his job to work for John Sununu’s campaign in 2002.

In November 2003, the Union Leader reported:

Henry said he is a longtime friend of state GOP communications director Julie Teer, who, before coming to New Hampshire last year, worked in Washington for Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., and the Senate Republican Conference.

[...] After the election, Henry organized a fundraiser for the NH Republican Party featuring former RNC chair Marc Racicot and Ken Mehlman, who had recently accepted the position to manage President Bush’s reelection.

[...] Two Republican officials have already pleaded guilty, and a third national Republian party staffer and Bush campaign fundraiser was found guilty. Now, another Republican lobbyist, this one a Sununu campaign staffer, could be sucked in. The RNC has already paid $3 million to defend the case, in the process blocking discovery of how many Republican officials were involved in the scheme, but this scandal continues to creep closer and closer to the top levels of the Republican party.


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