09 February 2006

Constitutionality of All Electronic Voting Machines
in New Jersey Now in Question!

Bradblog - 2/9/2006

Appellate Court Reinstates Lawsuit Challenging Ability of E-Vote Machines to Count Votes Accurately and in Accordance with Both the State Constitution and Election Law

Suit May Have Far-Reaching Implications for Other States...

In a just released press release the Constitutional Litigation Clinic at Rutgers School of Law in Newark, NJ has announced that all electronic voting machines used in New Jersey may violate New Jersey's Constitution and election laws.

[...] This lawsuit could have an impact on lawsuits in other states. Paul Lehto, who is a complainant in a suit against Sequoia in Washington state because using secret software to count votes secretly is contrary to the Washington state Constitution, is very interested in the opinion in this case.


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