07 January 2006

Lawsuit leveled at electronic voting
Group wants voting machines on ballot

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - January 07, 2006

State Sen. Jim Ferlo has joined a group of voting rights activists in a lawsuit aimed at forcing Westmoreland County to seek more public input before it purchases a new generation of touch-screen voting machines for the upcoming May primary election.

The lawsuit, filed yesterday, could have statewide implications. It argues that, under the Pennsylvania Constitution, all 67 counties must let voters pick their preferred model of electronic machines through ballot questions.

"This goes to the issue of having fair and accurate elections," said Mr. Ferlo, D-Highland Park, whose district covers a portion of Westmoreland County. "I really think there are serious concerns about this technology."

[...] Mr. Ferlo and his group want all counties to buy machines with paper trails that let voters check their choices. He is a co-sponsor of legislation that would require voting machines to have paper trails. The author of the bill, state Sen Joe Conti, R-Bucks, plans to start holding hearings soon.


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