18 September 2005

A Diebold Insider Speaks Out

Brad Friedman - 09.18.2005

You were warned about Osama bin Laden prior to 9/11. And you didn't listen. You were warned about the levees in New Orleans prior to Katrina. And you didn't listen.

You are now being warned about what both the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security has already warned you about and what someone who knows has called "one of the greatest threats our democracy has ever known."

Will you listen this time before it's too late? Please?

Here's the warning the Dept. of Homeland Security gave you in August of 2004. Before the election. Read it.

Here's the warning that "someone who knows" gave you last Thursday. Read it.

When I say "you", you may be surprised to learn that I'm referring to you Democrats and I'm referring to you folks in the Mainstream Media. Yes, you. You who all had largely the same warnings that George W. Bush had about the threat that was Al-Qaeda and the quagmire of lies that was Iraq and the disaster-in-waiting that was New Orleans. You who hold George W. Bush responsible now for not having paid attention then.

But -- as you know -- you didn't pay much attention then either. You didn't yell and scream and take to the streets and do what needed to be done to save the lives of thousands of Americans. You didn't insist that what had to be done was to be done before it was too late to avoid those national tragedies.

You failed to follow Wendell Phillips' warning about your freedoms and your democracy: That "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." You didn't give a damn back then. Not until after it was too late.

Well here's the good news: You've got another chance. A chance to pay attention. This time before it's too late. That is, if it isn't already.

Elections in 2006 and 2008 are just around the corner and you Democrats are making big plans. Good for you. You probably think you're in a terrific place to regain your majority in Congress and perhaps even re-take the White House. You probably are. Or at least you might have been...

Because here's the bad news: Unless you follow Phillips' advice and pay attention now to what has happened to your Electoral System in America -- to what is happening even as you read this every single day in every single Board of Elections in every single county in every single state in America -- you will be in for an even bigger surprise in '06 and '08 than you found yourselves waking up to on the morning of November 3rd, 2004.

Because here's the deal: Your Electoral System in America -- theoretically the world's greatest democracy -- has been sold to the Corporate Interests of the very good friends of the Neo-Republican Party in America. It's gone. It's been sold. Your Republican and Democratic elected leaders watched it happen. Gave their approval. And you let them do it. And now...your democracy is no longer in your hands. That is, unless you do something now about it.


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