16 August 2005

Election Fraud: It's Time to Make a Stand

I’m posting this as a wake-up call. I see a lot of Democrats, Progressives, Centrists and Moderates engaged in a serious bout of self-delusion. They believe, (quite earnestly), that by learning how to ‘frame the issue’ and by getting voters to the polls, they can defeat the Republican machine.

I see it differently. I see a lot of energy going to waste.

The issue, the only issue, is whether or not your vote is being counted fairly. It’s not about ‘Security Moms’ or ‘Family Values’ or ‘Social Security Reform’ or ‘gay marriage’. That is because all of these issues are meaningless once the ballots are cast. And if your ballot is cast digitally, it’s just a number that can be changed with a password and a few keystrokes, and voila, another ‘close-call’ election.


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