28 July 2005

League of Women Voters of Ohio Files Historic Lawsuit

July 28, 2005

In a complaint being filed today in federal court in Toledo, the League of Women Voters of Ohio joined the League of Women Voters of Toledo-Lucas County and a dozen individual plaintiffs in suing the governor and the secretary of state for 30 years of dysfunctional election administration. Represented by a team of attorneys led by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the League is claiming a pattern of failed election management, chronic under-funding of county boards of elections and inadequate training for poll workers.

[...] The suit was filed against the office of the secretary of state and governor, not the individuals holding the offices at this time. “The suit does not allege fraud,” Co-President Linda D. Lalley said. “Rather, the suit alleges that Ohio has a long history of serious problems with the way elections are conducted, spanning many administrations and violating fundamental Constitutional rights of Ohioans who are eligible to vote.”

The remedy sought is to bring about meaningful reform to Ohio’s election process. The suit does not seek a monetary award for any of the plaintiffs.

By filing now, the plaintiffs agree that there is a good chance of reaching a resolution in time to see reforms put in place before the 2006 election.


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