09 June 2005

Diebold calls for investigation of Leon County voting machines

June 09, 2005

Accusing Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho of "gross negligence" for allowing an outsider to test the county's voting equipment, Diebold Election Systems Inc. has called for an investigation to make sure the machines haven't been compromised.

Sancho recently allowed a team from Black Box Voting to see if it could crack the security systems of the electronic-scanning machines. The visitors were unable to get in from outside the courthouse, but when they sat down at the computer itself, they managed to pierce software security and change vote totals in the experiment.

Michael Lindroos, senior corporate counsel for Diebold, wrote to Sancho and said the company can't guarantee the security of the county system now that outsiders have been able to experiment with it. Lindroos sent copies of his letter to county commissioners and the state Division of Elections, urging them to troubleshoot the system before any elections are conducted on it.


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