10 May 2005

The New Diebold Printers

John Gideon

Diebold Election Systems has begun showing its new voter verified paper record printer to election officials around the country. The new system is still not qualified by an Independent Testing Authority approved by the EAC.

This new system consists of a thermal printer that attaches to the Diebold AccuVote TSX touch-screen voting machine. The voter has the ability to look at a paper printout of the vote in the printer and verify that record before finalizing their vote; or so the company says. This add-on printer satisfies many states voter verified paper trail requirement.

A closer examination of this device, as described in news articles, shows that the paper record is actually on a 290 foot roll of thermal paper. The printing on the ballot is so small that when the voter looks at the record to verify it, they are looking through a magnifying piece of plastic.

Are these problems? Is there a better solution?


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