13 April 2005

The Stolen Election audio collection:
Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America

Ben Frank

If you listen to all five audios, you will understand that beyond doubt, something fishy went down in Ohio. The point being that there were tons of irregularities, glitches and even intentional fraud, yet the media AND the democratic ’leadership’ dismissed this as something to fix for next time. The proof of the stolen election is in the coverup (and of course all of the facts that were covered up).

If there was nothing wrong, then these problems would have been addressed by the media. Instead, there was a massive mainstream media blackout on all election problems. The absolute refusal to cover obvious stories amounts to complicity. The best Republican arguments against election fraud was, "Even John Kerry accepts the results, so it must not be true," or "If there was fraud, the ’news’ would have covered it." Insane- they use their own media blackout to ’prove’ there was no fraud. For the millions of Americans that know the truth, this was not good enough, but they didn’t care about convincing us, just about burying the story from the masses.


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