22 April 2005

John Conyers Meets with Dir. of Election Commission

My Meeting with the Baker-Carter Executive Director

Today, I had a lengthy, substantive, and frank meeting with Dr. Robert Pastor, Executive Director of the Carter-Baker Election Commission. I shared my concerns about the Commission with him. Among other things, I remain concerned about the involvement of Mr. James Baker, III, in this Commission, and the emphasis of some of the Commission's work thus far. In this meeting, Dr. Pastor displayed great familiarity with my report on the 2004 Ohio Presidential election and expressed his strong commitment to election reform. Dr. Pastor has established an open channel with me to continue discussing these concerns, and I intend to continue this dialogue. I also intend to attend future meetings of the Commission, and personally meet with President Carter and other Commission members. In sum, I want to assure you that I will be monitoring this Commission and its work very closely. In other words, I am on the case.

I appreciate the energy and activism that has led so many of you to communicate with Commission staff and members. At the request of Dr. Pastor, and in the interests of demonstrating our good faith efforts to work with the Commission, I would ask that you contact the commission only via the email box which they have established to receive your comments concerning the commission: CDEM@american.edu. I have spoken with the leadership of the Election Reform groups which have been contacting the commission members to ask them if they would take this measure.

It is clear to me that your voices have been heard. Dr. Pastor has assured me that many of the emails sent reflected the same concerns that have motivated President Carter, himself, and others to pursue election reform in the United States and throughout the world, and will guide the work of the Commission.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions, and would be happy to ensure that Commission members are aware of them. Thank you for your continued efforts to preserve our democracy.


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