02 January 2005


Diana Lee - January 2, 2005

As Viktor Yushchenko declared a dramatic victory over Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine’s runoff presidential election on December 26, reversing the earlier result of November 21, it’s obvious that authorities had rigged the first election. It happened to a young nation that has embraced democracy for 14 years.

Could the same thing happen to a nation that has championed democracy around the world — the United States of America?

As long as there exist corrupt authorities, rigged voting machines, collaborated corporations to finance, operate, and even provide cover-up for the fraud, the answer is — why not?

The majority of Americans aren’t even aware of the stolen election of November 2, in which George Bush claimed victory over John Kerry. The blackout of mainstream news seems to be part of a cover-up scheme orchestrated by the news corporations throughout America. Instead, the alternative news and Internet bloggers have carried the heavy burden of spreading the word. Now, the public awareness is growing, about 20% believe in the voter fraud conspiracy. The truth is out….

The ironies of 2004 U.S. presidential election would raise serious doubts of its legitimacy.


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