09 November 2004

State Police investigating voter fraud

Reed Upton - 11/09/2004

New Mexico State Police are investigating allegations of voter fraud – including one instance in which an as-of-yet unnamed woman is being connected with up to 200 bogus ballots.

“One of my employees can identify one person that did bring in the majority of those [registration] cards that we didn’t enter into our rolls because addresses didn’t exist,” said Bernalillo County Clerk Mary Herrera, explaining why her office disqualified several provisional ballots.

Provisional ballots are ballots that voters are allowed to cast if the voter’s name isn’t on the voter roll at their polling place. Before they are counted, the county clerk verifies that the voter is actually registered.

Herrera says roughly 25 percent of the provisional ballots in Bernalillo County have been rejected as invalid. Now that those in-lieu-of ballots have been sorted, the vote counting begins.

Currently, one percentage point of the vote total separates President George Bush from Senator John Kerry in the race to claim New Mexico’s five electoral votes.


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