08 November 2004

Post-vote reform is sought

Registration: Election officials target groups paid to register

Brendan Riley - 11/8/2004

Election officials sorting through several thousand provisional votes said Monday that state lawmakers should consider reforms targeting groups whose registration activity cost some Nevadans their right to vote on Nov. 2.

More than 6,000 provisional ballots were cast by voters, who had until Friday to answer registrars’ and clerks’ concerns about their qualifications and have their votes counted in final, official tallies that county commissioners must approve by today.

In Washoe County, Registrar Dan Burk said he and his staff reviewed 1,465 provisional ballots and tossed out 585. Most of the discarded ballots were from people who weren’t registered to vote — including a few who said they signed up with get-out-the-vote groups and didn’t realize until too late that their names hadn’t been turned in to election officials.


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