15 November 2004

An Open Letter to the New York Times
(and by implication) the Rest of the US Media Who are Trying to Whitewash the 2004 Presidential Election Scandal

Lilian Friedberg - OpEdNews.com

Dear New York Times, etal,

As a long-time subscribed reader of your publication—one I have always staunchly defended one of the best in the world--I am incensed by your dismissive handling of what is one of the most significant breaking news stories since Watergate.(your Nov.12 article,Vote Fraud Theories, Spread by Blogs, Are Quickly Buried)

[...] These studies do not involve a the kind of fuzzy math implied by the Times’ report of “blog-to-e-mail-to-blog”—they involve a diligent, however frenzied, study of the actual data produced by exit polls versus actual results. These so-called “internet conspiracy theorists” are credentialed professionals engaged in hard research--most of which is beyond my grasp as a classically literary-minded PhD, but which clearly reflects solid research conducted by people who, by virtue of their professional training in precisely the fields required to analyze this data, are hard at work doing the job of the entire nation right now. They are doing your job, and they deserve your support and gratitude, not disdain, derision and dismissal.


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