08 November 2004

No Groups to Recount per Florida's Sunshine Law?

November 8, 2004

After the contested ballot battle in the 2000 presidential election, many groups and news organizations requested access to Florida's ballots under the Sunshine Law. The law allows public access to ballots making a manual, public recount possible.

While much talk has been generated regarding the use of electronic voting machines and possible fraud or error in the November 2nd election, no group has taken the lead to publicly inspect the ballots. While touch screen voting machines leave no paper trail, the optical scan machines do make use of paper ballots and therefore can be inspected easily by those willing to take the time to do so.

Note that the Florida counties with optical scan voting machines showed the largest discrepancies with voter turnout. Expected voter turnout among Republicans increased by 128.45% in counties using optical scan voting machines while Democrats showed a -21% loss.

Anyone with the time to do so can send the following request to the Florida Secretary of State and the appropriate county election official:


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