15 November 2004

More Key Reporting by Media on Election Problems

There is no shortage of news about mishaps, cover-ups, and even fraud in the recent elections. Below are quick summaries of a number of excellent articles with links for those who would like to read the entire article. Read also about key members of Congress who have demanded an investigation. And at the end of this message, you will find links to two excellent petitions demanding more responsibility and accountability in our elections. Please take the time to sign these important petitions and pass this information on to your friends and colleagues.


What You Can Do. For starters, you can email your support to the above three members of Congress HERE

There are also two excellent petitions demanding an investigation which you can sign on the Internet. The first already had 36,000 signatures as of November 13th. The second, posted by MoveOn.org doesn't list numbers who have signed, though their membership numbers nearly 3 million.

Sign Petition >>

Sign MoveOn.org Petition >>

View Votergate Film >>

Votescam.com >>

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