12 November 2004

Minnesotans kicked off voter registration lists asking why

November 12, 2004

Maybe she made a mistake when she registered to vote while renewing her driver's license in 2002, but 25-year-old Alissa Doth doesn't think so.

When she went to vote in 2002, she wasn't on the roster. She had problems in 2003 and again this year.

``I made sure to verify that I was filling out the correct spot, the signature on the right-hand side of the form,'' said Doth. ``I verified with people at the county service center, and showed up to the polls and was not registered.''

Minnesota has same-day voter registration, so Doth was able to sign up to vote at her polling place. But she was angry.

``I called a bunch of friends and said, 'I'm a disenfranchised voter. I finally understand what that's like to be a disenfranchised voter,''' said Doth. ``And everyone's response was, 'But you got to vote, so why does it matter?' I kind of feel like yes I got to vote, but there still are plenty of people who maybe show up at the polls and maybe didn't have the proper ID, and wouldn't be able to vote.''


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