16 November 2004

ES&S shannigans in Indiana

Brad Friedman has a lot more to say about ES&S shannigans in Indiana.

The series of reports from WISHTV earlier this year tell of ES&S employees surreptitiously installing illegal, uncertified software, into the voting and tabulating machines in Marion County, Indiana. They then ordered their regional ES&S project manager to lie about it to county officials. She refused. As had her husband in a previous ES&S incident, where he was also a project manager, in a different Indiana county. He was fired for his refusal.

ES&S, you will recall, is run by the Ahmanson family, which is heavily linked to Christian Dominionism. (The least we should expect of the people involved with running our elections is that they believe in democracy.)

Jeff Fisher: In the preceding post, we noted this letter on Fisher's page which purports to name the names of the individuals involved with Florida vote fraud. Allegedly, drug rehab centers were used as main offices by those hacking into the central system.

Fisher also personally asked Ken Blackwell to recuse himself in Ohio. That won't happen. Blackwell is partisan and ambitious, and Bush rewards his servants well.


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