08 November 2004

Election stolen, group suspects

60 meet at UW, plan next steps

Bill Dunn - November 8, 2004

American democracy: a shining city on a hill or gutter politics that steals votes and suppresses voter intent?

To about 60 people who gathered Saturday at the UW Humanities Building, it's more like the latter.

Sue West of Rockford, Ill., saw notice of the "No Stolen Elections" meeting on the Madison Area Peace Coalition's Web site. The meeting followed an anti-war rally that attracted 500 to 600 people to State Street and the Capitol.

"I think we need to protest this election no matter what Kerry does," said West, originally a Dennis Kucinich supporter. "I think it's fraud, pure and simple."

[...] Electoral College electors vote in their home states Dec. 13.


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