10 November 2004

Election Fraud? You be the judge...

November 10, 2004

Since the presidential election, accounts of voter fraud and malfunctioning voting machines have flooded into local newspapers, to public-interest groups, to universities, and to weblogs.

This letter is an overview of those reports. The stories are summarized here, with links to the original publications. After seeing this evidence - and there is more still to be rounded up - you will most probably suspect that Bush did not win the election. Many accounts of election tampering are included, but a broad search has still to be done. The following is only what has been learned in the few days since the election. Clearly, an investigation is needed.

The following is a compilation of the initial research of one group of concerned journalists. It seems that there is enough evidence in the following to suggest that the electorate may have actually chosen Kerry for President. It cannot be known for sure unless...


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