26 July 2004

The Fight For Fair Elections

The movement for an honest election picked up steam but then landed right in the comfortable lap of the enemy. Will your vote be counted in November? Maybe.

Elaine Kitchel - July 26, 2004

For a few moments there was hope. It finally looked as if we might actually see daylight past the tangled web of inaccuracies and lies spun by the voting machine industry. Citizens all over the country have been crying out for fair elections in which every vote gets counted. July 13th saw the “Computer Ate My Vote Day” in which action groups in several states demonstrated for fair elections with verifiable results. Numerous states, including the pivotal state of Ohio, decertified electronic voting machines because of the inability to perform recounts on the machines and because of their proven failures in many state primary elections. The average Joe suddenly became aware that his vote might not get counted. He’s finding that possibility unacceptable and beginning to shout about it.

That’s a good thing. But don’t expect the voting machine industry to stop their sneaky tricks just because they’ve been exposed. The lengths to which they are willing to go and the lack of conscience they display are bad enough, but now we learn that the watchdog of the industry is actually its lapdog.


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