07 June 2004

It's an Auditing Problem

By Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting

E-voting: Let's simplify. It's not a computer problem, it's an auditing problem.

Many people are frustrated by the e-voting issue. But we have been trying to debate an auditing problem by discussing computer programming issues. Some software will have more security holes and other bugs than other software, and corporations have too many reasons to try and bias the vote. But we will never be able to build a bug-free system that is not subject to miscounts, whether intentional or accidental. Even with publicly-owned, open-source software, we must audit every election to ensure that our computerized vote-counters totaled the votes correctly.

Counting votes is just bookkeeping. When you frame the debate that way, most objections to voter verified paper ballots simply go away."


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