27 June 2004

Heads Up Team

by Molly Ivins
JUNE 24, 2004

AUSTIN, Texas -- Heads up, team, the voting machine situation requires sustained attention, but not panic or paranoia. There is time to act, but act we must.

Yes, it is high time to "view with alarm" (an editorial page cliche rivaled only by "point with pride"), and with bipartisan alarm at that. It's in everyone's interest to have the cleanest, fairest elections possible -- that's one of those things you can watch even the most partisan politicians serving on legislative elections committees figure out in no time. The only way to make sure nobody's ox gets gored is to keep it clean. If you don't think there are just as many bright, 14-year-old hackers who would rig a vote in favor of Democrats as there are who would rig it for Republicans, you've been neglecting the 14-year-old hacker set.


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