22 May 2004

Group says electronic voting machines not reliable

5/19/2004 6:46 PM
By: Antonio Castelan

Billboards are popping up all around the city attacking the electronic machines used to vote. They're being placed by a group of citizens concerned that the eSlate machines used in Travis County are not safe enough for use.

Yet amid concerns about voter fraud, county and electronic machine officials say there's no reason to worry.

"Anyone who is interested in our right to a fair vote should be concerned that their vote might not be properly recorded," Vicky Karp said.

Karp is with the Coalition for Visible Balance. She's behind the billboards and fears that the electronic machines can be hacked. Karp also said there's no way a recount can be done with the system.

"If an average citizen out in the street would not make a deposit at the bank without getting a receipt, why would that person want to make a vote in an election without getting a receipt to make sure their vote was properly recorded? I think it's the craziest thing I ever heard of," Karp said.


Watch the Video of t.v. news reporting on the billboard campaign by clicking on the link above. (Scroll down the page a little and click on the little box near the center that says Watch the Video - E-Voting.)

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