23 April 2004

TrueMajority's "Computer Ate My Vote" My Vote is Rocking!

Here's a sampling of what they're saying about us:

Associated Press: “‘There’s such an easy, reasonable, inexpensive solution to this problem,’ said Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and president of TrueMajority.org, the advocacy group funding the ads. ‘Just have the machine print out a receipt, just like an ATM does.’” 3/19/04

Newsweek: “…touch-screen systems should include printers that generate ballots for verification. Six other states have jumped on the bandwagon, spurred in part by a campaign on the Internet called ‘The Computer Ate My Vote.’” 3/29/04

Washington Times: “…questions about the integrity of electronic voting have been generating significant concern, reflected in recent newspaper ads run by the advocacy group TrueMajority.org.” 3/22/04

TrueMajority members have sent tens of thousands of faxes and e-mails, bought full-page ads in major newspapers and shown up in person at press events by the hundreds.



The drumbeat of national media coverage continues. Both the New York Times and the Washington Post published editorials supporting a voter-verified paper trail. Vanity Fair featured a nine-page article on the voter- verified paper ballot movement, and Newsweek’s story was a big step forward.

Let’s be clear—as with all fights worth waging, there are powerful forces that don’t want the voter protections we’re after. Time is on their side, as they run out the clock to the November election. But this is an issue that many elected officials understand. The media is with us. And grassroots pressure has shown to be effective.

There’s a lot left to do, but all of us should be proud of what we’ve accomplished together so far.

I’m happy to be in this with you,

Ben Cohen
President, TrueMajority.org

PS: For more information about our campaign, check out True Majority - Computer Ate My Vote

For more information about computer voting systems, check out Verified Voting or www.calvoter.org/votingtechnology.html#resources.

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