30 August 2003

Internet Voting - The End of Democracy?
by Lynn Landes
August 27th 2003

Despite inherent and increasingly blatant security risks, Internet voting companies are steadily gaining control over the U.S. electoral system and American civic life. The risk to democracy is very real.

"The voter has absolutely no control over the vote cast once it leaves his own computer system," writes Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, one of the nation's leading experts in computer voting technology. "He cannot check whether it has been subverted on the way to the count...(there are) problems with all forms of remote voting include the dangers of coercion, vote selling and impersonation. The Internet introduces additional authentication issues."

In the wake of recent voting machine fraud and assorted scandals, Internet voting - the most vulnerable technology to election fraud - is flying under the radar. That may not be an accident.

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