09 May 2003

Hanging, dimpled, pregnant and preserved
They were trouble in voting machines and clutter in storage rooms. And now, part of history.

By Associated Press,
© St. Petersburg Times
published May 8, 2003

TALLAHASSEE - Florida's chad will hang around.

Six-million-plus ballots cast in Florida's disputed 2000 presidential election have been ordered transported from county seats to the state archives in Tallahassee and kept there for their historical value.

Secretary of State Glenda Hood sent a letter this week to 67 election supervisors around the state directing them not to destroy the ballots, which are to be transferred later this summer.

State officials have estimated that the ballots and related election records take up about 5,000 cubic feet - enough to fill more than 450 four-drawer file cabinets, or a 25- by 25-foot room from floor to 8-foot ceiling.

But at least one county won't be sending any ballots to Tallahassee - they've already been destroyed.


"These documents could one day again become important data or evidence with regard to the consideration of having the best, reliable voting system that we can have," Farmer said.

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